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Gorgeous colors, dramatic and full of emotion

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The author proposes in his book reviews of artworks created by Rikka Ayasaki.

For an art of intuition (Manifest of the intuition)
Hermann Editeurs (France, since 1876), 250 pages, 25 euros

Intuitive Arts

Japanese artist based in France. Her online virtual gallery presents :
PASSIONS -Oil paintings, Ink paintings on canvas,
BLACK & WHITE -ink wash paintings on japanese paper WASHI.

* Rikka AYASAKI - Intuitive painter *
........ For these reasons, I consider Rikka Ayasaki to be one of the greatest modern painters. One can find in her style what characterizes the work of some contemporary poets or writers, like Yves Bonnefoy ou Philippe Jaccottet, or, in the oriental field the painter and writer Gao Xingjian (2000 Nobel Prize for litterature, year that cannot be more symbolic for new art), .... ........ ===>

Art of intuition, Artist of color

In her oil paintings as well as in her ink art works, the artist has transposed the Japanese traditional art of sumi-e (ink painting on Japanese paper) into the contemporary universe of Western art. The ink paintings ´ Through the window ´ explore all the possible degrees of transparency of black and white.

PASSIONS - Oil paintings

Ses toiles éclatent dans le firmament et .... Suite à la page l' huile ==>

passions 7051, 2014, Mixed technique rikka ayasaki, Ravissement 46, 2016 Passions 7049, 2014, Mixed technique
Passions 7054, 2014, Mixed technique Passions 7052, 2014, acrylique sur toile Passions 7021, 2013, acrylique sur toile
Passions 7016, 2013, acrylique sur toile rikka ayasaki, sunset 76, 2015 Passions 7000, 2012, acrylique sur toile

SUMI, ink wash paintings

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